Alamogordo Restaurant Offers Hope on a Plate

The Alamogordo restaurant Stella Vita on New York Avenue wants to help those affected by the recent fires in Cloudcroft.Fundraiser for Cloudcroft fire

Stella Vita, known for amazing Italian cuisine, offered up plates of delicious food at $12 a plate in a fund raising effort for those affected by the devastating fires in Cloudcroft two weeks prior.

There is currently a Burro Street Relief Fund from the community and Stella Vita wanted to add to that. With over 270 tickets sold they were able to raise a good amount of funds donated to the relief. A silent auction was also held and all proceeds including 100% of tips were donated to the fund.

So many others have come to the aid including the Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce and director Lisa King who said the money in Burro Street Relief Fund goes directly toward those that were affected including homes and businesses.

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